Olaplex is a new technology that has revolutionized the hair industry. (It is not a conditioner). Every day the internal bonds of our hair get broken. They break when we brush and comb our hair as well as when we use thermal styling tools, swim in chlorine, etc. It is no secret that chemical processes break the bonds down even more. That being said, we still want to change our color and texture, right? By incorporating Olaplex into such services as bleaching, highlighting, straightening, texturizing and coloring, the internal bonds of the hair become reconnected during these services. This product wasn't even invented until several years ago. Will your hair get ruined if you color it? No, women have been doing this for centuries. Will it be stronger and healthier if you add Olaplex? Yes. Olaplex is like buying insurance for your hair.

As an added insurance for keeping your hair strong and healthy, there is a take home Olaplex product for you to use at home.Olaplex can also be used as a stand-alone salon treatment. Your hair is the only accessory that you wear every day. It is worth investing in to keep it beautiful!


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