Thermal Reconditioning

"My hair looks and feels amazing! You did a great job and I love it so much! It has been so easy to do my hair and cut so much time off my getting ready process. Thanks again for everything!" - Samantha P., San Francisco
"I have extremely curly and frizzy hair thus, have been getting my hair thermal reconditioned for almost ten years. The process is a few hours but is worth it for me because it makes my hair smooth, straight, and manageable. I have jumped around to different people throughout the years, but since moving to the Bay Area four years ago I have only gone to Blair. She is by far the most knowledgeable and experienced with the thermal reconditioning process. I only trust her with my hair now!" - Nicole H., Berkeley
"Blair made sure she understood exactly what I wanted before beginning the thermal reconditioning process and didn't fail to deliver! I wanted to keep some wave and body in my hair, rather than have it stick straight, so she adjusted the process to achieve this outcome. Now I can let my hair dry without it being frizzy, while still keeping some body. It's great!" – Amanda T., San Francisco
"I had the Japanese hair straightening with Blair done for the first time years ago and since then I would trust my hair to no one else! The process is lengthy but is well worth the time and investment. Before Blair I used to get regular hair relaxers and my hair was always so brittle and dry it wouldn't grow. Blair's hair straightening method allowed my hair to grow out, it is now healthy and strong. I couldn't be happier with the results." - Sophia B., San Diego
"Blair has done two thermal reconditioning treatments on my hair. Blair is meticulous and answers all your questions/concerns. I literally have wash and wear hair. No product required and hair looks well groomed, even after wind and humidity. Great job." - Mary V., San Francisco
"My experience with Blair at Berenice Salon has been outstanding. I had the Japanese ionic hair straightening performed and the result exceeded my expectations. Blair took the time to explain the steps, she carefully evaluated my hair, and was gentle and thorough during the whole process. My hair was coarse and wavy and now it is really is silky smooth. It dries totally straight and has a glossy shine. It does take a few hours, but if you want that slick rock star hair, you must invest in this process. I am really happy." - Dr. Janice W., Walnut Creek
"Blair’s thermal reconditioning process is amazing – it is long-lasting, looks great, and my hair FEELS healthy. She’s thoughtful and professional and remembers all the timing and details for my hair. Blair has treated my hair three times and I will continue to return!" - Renee J., Mill Valley
"Got my hair done with the thermal conditioning. Wasn’t sure how it would work on my thick, unruly hair but so glad I went through with it. My hair is now softer and straighter! Most of all – I’ve received so many compliments, even that it makes me look younger! The process was well worth the money and Blair was very helpful and answered all of my questions – a true professional. Thank you so much.” - Tracy G., Sunnyvale

Milbon Smoothing

"Blair has given me 2 smoothing treatments so far and I am hooked. Soft, shiny, no frizz ever. I would and have recommended this treatment for anyone with curly hair. Never been happier." - Jill C., San Francisco
"The Milbon Smoothing service offered by Blair Everett simply could not be more amazing. I am beyond thrilled with the results. It used to take me about an hour to style my crazy curly hair, and even then I was never thrilled with the outcome. Fast forward to now, and it literally takes me less than 10 minutes to do my hair. Plus, now I don't give a second thought to getting caught in the rain or fog -- no problem at all. It's been pretty close to life-changing for me. I only wish they had this treatment available sooner. It's worth every penny and more, and Blair's knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. I highly recommend this best kept secret." - Elizabeth D., San Francisco
"I like my Milbon smoothing treatment much better than my keratin treatment. My hair was so easy to blow dry afterwards and the frizz and volume issue were completely taken care of. I have highlighted hair so I was a bit insecure to get the Milbon Smoothing Treatment done but it didn't damage my hair at all. I think everyone should do it!" - Juliana A., San Francisco
"I am really happy with my smoothing process performed by Blair last March. It was soft, smooth and shinny and it was so very easy to manage with NO damage! Blair was able to give my hair what I desired while leaving my hair with body and I wear it smooth with curls and my hair looks and feels so healthy with many compliments!!!!

Thanks Blair for your vast knowledge in smoothing/straightening and giving me what I have always wanted......." - Lori M., Walnut Creek
"The smoothing treatment that Blair did for me took my mop of frizzy curls and turned them into smooth, easy-to-manage hair that does not frizz in any kind of weather. I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a safe hair smoothing treatment." - Client, San Francisco

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